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Tuesday Whosday

If Terry Gilliam were to ever write an episode of Doctor Who, I’m pretty sure it would go a little something like this… (Via YouTube user BrainInSkull, which is a good place to store it, actually.)

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Happy Half-Tau Day!

Hey, it’s National Pi Day again, and what would such a holiday be without the obligatory homonymic pun?   Here you go: If you’ll permit to go one more level of visual punnery, let’s take the usual aural symmetry gag … Continue reading

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Reboot blues

A post wherein I discuss a kick-ass chick called Korra and provide a long overdue review of a movie adaptation of one of my beloved favorites that disappoints on so many levels.   Let us begin. Ho. Lee. Shite. Nickelodeon … Continue reading

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Newsletter: February 2011

My dear little bugs, February was a big month for holidays in the Komplexify household. There was February 5, which while not particular noteworthy on the Gregorian Calendar in general, does mark the six-month anniversary of the adoption of the … Continue reading

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Each night when the Butterfly goes to bed, we go through the same routine. The Butterfly gives night-night kisses to mommy and sister I turn on the bed-side light and close the blinds The Butterfly closes her door and turns … Continue reading

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