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Idol worship

John Lasseter is one of my idols. He’s a native southern Californian who grew up in Whittier and dreamed of becoming an animator is whole life, and went on to become the Senior Creative Officer at both Pixar and Disney, … Continue reading

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She is a bit mannish

Before James Cameron started making chick flicks, he directed rock-solid action movies.   One of his eventual trademarks was to have equally rock-solid female leads in his movies as well.   Indeed, he often took actresses known for more dramatic … Continue reading

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I have seen the Apocalyse, and there's an app for it

Prologue So Saturday came and went and there was no Rapture or impending Armageddon, despite what all of Harold Camping’s billboards said… Apparently Camping has revised his date again, now predicting — his third one — that the Apocalypse will … Continue reading

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Tuesday Whosday

One problem with Doctor Who is getting used to a new Doctor after you’ve gotten accustomed to the old. For example, I caught up with the rebooted Who during David Tennant’s run, and while I quite like his Tenth Doctor … Continue reading

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Math memes

I’ve stumbled across a bunch of math-related memes over the last two weeks, probably because it’s near the end of the academic year for most schools. Let’s start things off with what every student is thinking: I quite like the … Continue reading

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