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Tuesday Whosday

I’ve been trying to catch up on classic Doctor Who, but it’s been rather difficult.  Part of the problem is that I can’t find all of the old episodes on Netflix for streaming, but mostly it’s because the Queen B … Continue reading

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I’m currently on a search committee, and part of the job is to sift through nearly seventy sets of cover letter and curricula vitae and teaching statements and research statements and credit reports and vaccination records and whatnot to decide … Continue reading

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Small world

Scene: I am driving the Ladybug and the Butterfly home after ballet class. The Ladybug: …and then Rhiana asked if I could go over to her house for a play-date. Me: I thought you didn’t get along with Rhiana. LB: … Continue reading

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Thoughts on The Question

This is a conversation I seem to having a lot lately with math students, particularly seniors anxious to enter the fabled “real world” and questioning the value of their major.  I figured I might as well organize my thoughts, and … Continue reading

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Scene: I am driving with my girls in my truck, which includes an illuminated compass embedded in the rear-view mirror. The Ladybug: We’re going west right now, dad. Me: How do you know that? TL: Because the direction thing says … Continue reading

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