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Proper Michael: …why didn’t you just call him? Tr*st*n: Because my new smartphone was on the fritz.  I couldn’t get it to call out. Proper Michael: What did you do? Tr*st*n: Fortunately, my old dumbphone was working, so I used … Continue reading

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Tuesday Whosday

Last year I included a link to an epic Doctor Wh0/Star Trek crossover painting, and my only real complaint about it is that it paired classic Trek with new Who.  Both shows have both classic versions (in which the protagonists … Continue reading

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The Ladybug, Butterfly, and I were in my office this morning, working on various art projects.  The Ladybug was more jittery that usual, owing to the fact that she had a special President’s Day play-date with some of her school … Continue reading

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Sunday song: Robot Riot

Did you ever wonder why mankind fell to the machines in the Matrix movies, or is fighting a losing battle against the killer robots of the Terminator timelines? I submit that it’s because there never was a hard-rock robutt-kickin’ anthem … Continue reading

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Transformvesty 3: The Dork of the Moon

I just saw a trailer for Transformers 4, which apparently has been renamed “Battleship” for some reason.  There’s nothing particularly interesting about the trailer, but it did remind me of the time over summer that I saw Transformers 3 with … Continue reading

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