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I finished grading my Calculus 2 exams, and I usually spend a good chunk of the day handing back the first exams talking about study techniques to better prepare students for the material.  Often I fear no one is listening … Continue reading

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The Butterfly has just finished scarfing down her third helping of dinner and announces that she’s done.  As I’m picking up her plate and utensils, she asks “Can I have some dessert now?” As I’m more anxious to get the … Continue reading

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In my day

So the first exam is happening in my Calculus 2 class, and so I typically post a number of things online the week prior in order to help students. I post a study guide listing the Calculus 2 topics over … Continue reading

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Two-sday Whosday

I’ve been grading Calc 2 assignments, and the following sketch amused me greatly:

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Tuesday Whosday

Fans of Doctor Who — be they called by the BBC-sanctioned title “Whovian” or the less formal “TARDs” — are certainly aware that the written language of the Time Lords is Gallifreyan, a lovely script composed of interlocking circles and … Continue reading

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