Ladybug wisdom

Scene: The Bugs and I are driving home after school.   The Ladybug is filling me in on the events of her day.

Ladybug: And you know what?   At recess all the girls say the same mean thing.

Me: What’s that?

LB: They say:

Girls go to college to get more knowledge.
Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.

Me: Yeah, the is pretty mean.

LB: I know, right?   I mean, I want to go to Jupiter, and you have to be pretty smart to be an astronaut.

Scene: The family is busy cleaning up the house in the hopes that the Bugs’ grandparents, who are visiting their ranch in neighboring Wyoming, might stop by Rapid City for the Veteran’s Day weekend.

Me: [ Hanging up phone ] Still no answer.   I hope they didn’t get snowed in.

LB: What’s up?

Me: I’m trying to contact Nana and Papa Schoo to see if they’ll be coming up, but I can reach them on any of their phones.

LB: I hope they’re okay.

Me: Me too.   Nobody knows where they are.

LB: Correction: nobody except Nana and Papa Schoo knows where they are.

Me: I’d ground you for being a smart-alek if I weren’t so proud of your logical prowess right now.

Scene: The Ladybug and I are practicing her “sight word” flash cards.

LB: “Up.”

Me: Correct.

LB: “Jump.”

Me: Correct.

LB: “His.”

Me: Correct.

LB: “Fun.”

Me: Wrong.   Try again.

LB: Oh… “Run.”

Me: Correct.

LB: Huh. That’s like the opposite of “fun.”

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