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You might have noticed that the WordPress White Screen Of Death struck again over the weekend.  I think that most of the site is back up and running, but a think a stray comment or two might have been lost. … Continue reading

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Geekery is a dish best served cold

Valentine’s Star Trek theme reminded me of a conversation I had with the Queen B last year when we drove across state to Sioux Falls: Queen B: Look at cloud… it looks just like a Klingon battle sword. Me: A … Continue reading

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Valentine's Day: make it so!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody. Back in 2011, I made the Queen B a Doctor Who themed Valentine card complete with cardboard cut-outs, which was charmingly tongue-in-geek.  (Man, that sounds rude now that I’ve actually written it.) This year, the Queen … Continue reading

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I find your lack of Olympic preparations disturbing

Certainly by now you’ve heard about the deplorable lack of preparedness evident at Sochi, from the communal toilets without (ironically) functioning internal plumbing to the Olympic ring misfire during the opening ceremony to reporters finding out about all those nonexistent … Continue reading

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Dangerous curves

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