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Edge of Tomorrow, as told through other movies

For a movie with the tagline “Live, Die, Repeat,” it should therefore not be too surprising that the movie Edge of Tomorrow feels a little… familiar.

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World War Z: the komplexified script

[ We open on a devastated, post-apocalyptic world, struggling to recover from a decade-long zombie war.  Life on Earth is nearly extinct, and humanity clusters in a few countries around the planet — a thriving Cuba, a democratic China, a … Continue reading

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After what seemed like an eternity, winter is finally over, and summertime heat waves are upon us: Sorry about that, Box Elder. Apparently, the heat is getting to the folks at the Weather Channel, too. They’ve apparently forgotten how bar … Continue reading

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Napkin gallery

About a year ago, several folks forwarded me Facebook links to stories about David Laferriere — a graphic designer who draws pictures for his kids every morning on the plastic sandwich bags in their lunch, collected for posterity on his … Continue reading

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The fable of the Hilbert Hotel, part 3

Catch up on the story so far…. Seething with anger and embarrassment, Old Man Kronecker could think of nothing any more past running the Hilbert Hotel to the ground.  His original plan of adding a single extra room to the … Continue reading

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