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I’m calling to urge the Senator to VOTE NO on the appointment of Jeff Sessions to the position of Attorney General. Not only does he have a documented history of bias against peoples of color and immigrants, but in his January 10 confirmation hearing Sessions said that non-religious people were incapable of “sufficiently appreciating truth” and contrary to “the American heritage.”

I am a non-religious American. I pay my taxes; I vote; I write and call my congress-people; I teach in a public university; I am a mathematician. To hear a candidate for the highest law enforcement post in the nation say, under oath and in front of cameras, that someone like ME is inherently averse to the American experience or understanding of truth is, frankly, INSULTING and DEGRADING.

America needs an Attorney General who will protect all Americans with equal vigor, and I have little faith Sessions will do that when he proclaims such contempt for so many of us Americans. I ask the Senator to support ALL the constituents of South Dakota — black or white, male or female, religious or not. I ask the Senator to VOTE NO on Jeff Sessions.

Thank you for your hard work.

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