Friends in low places

According to the NYT: Trump Weighs Stripping Security Clearances From Officials Who Criticized Him

“I was thinking, you know, about all the Fake News Media, and my friend Vlad said that when they don’t agree with him…”

“We don’t kill political opponents in America, Mr President.”

“Well, sure, I mean, not in public. But Vlad says a little poison in their cof–”

“We don’t kill political opponents in America, sir.”

“Fine. Maybe we could just throw them in jail forever? My friend Little Rocket Man says it works won–”

“We don’t jail political opponents in America, sir.”

“Are you sure? ‘Lock her up! Lock her up!’ Say it with me, c’mon. ‘Lock h–”

“Why don’t you just revoke their security clearances, sir?”

“Oooo, me likey… And thenĀ we can we kill them?”

Sigh... Iran says you have tiny fingers.”


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