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“My friends need to be punished.”

Conversation in the car yesterday between me and the Bugs. Butterfly: Daaaaaad, why’d you make Stitch so scary on my squiggle napkin? Me: Because your squiggle said “Draw me Stitch.” Butterfly: Yeah, but you didn’t have to make him scary. … Continue reading

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I’m not gonna lie… getting BINGO took a┬álot longer than I expected.

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Pax Romana

In honor of “National Boss’s Day,” my thoughtful faculty got me a card that included the message No one has threatened to burn you in effigy. Yet. I’m not sure if I feel appreciated or threatened.

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Revenge of the Pithed

That face when you either just got a bath, or are about to slaughter some younglings.

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International Man of Mendacity

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