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So yesterday, in an angry Facebook post responding to the news that Senate Republicans had overwhelmingly voted to acquit Ex-President Forty-Five of inciting a deadly insurrection, I described the modern Republican party as “a bunch of cowardly, dangerous, conspiratorial, dangerous, … Continue reading

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So a friend on Facebook posted the following: Let’s try an experiment.  I see so many people post crap like ‘if you vote for Trump I will un-friend you’, you are obviously a racist. Anyone who knows me would know … Continue reading

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Bad apples

Maybe you’ve seen this cop meme floating around. Maybe you think in makes a good point. It doesn’t. First off, note that because it’s a meme, it is both overly reductive (“THE LEFT” to which it alludes is not a … Continue reading

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Two videos

On May 25, 2020 I saw two different viral videos of white people threatening violence against Black men: the murder of George Floyd by the police, and the harassment of Christian Cooper by a jogger. I am ashamed to say … Continue reading

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Good counsel

I am still getting emails from the Mad Dad with whom I spoke yesterday. I’m not sure if I opened Pandora’s box, but this was my email response to him (some names have been changed to protect the innocent; I have … Continue reading

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