Math memes

I’ve stumbled across a bunch of math-related memes over the last two weeks, probably because it’s near the end of the academic year for most schools.

Let’s start things off with what every student is thinking:

I quite like the Y U NO guy

Normal?   Not even Hausdorff!

Troll math:

One more reason why my students hate me…

Let’s not forget the CS profs.

Here’s a classic pun joke revised for the Meme Generation:

More puns:

Even more puns…

After a week of grading, this is hella true:

Finally, this one isn’t exactly a meme per se, but what the hey:

Well, that’s it. Y U NO FIND ME MORE MEMES??

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4 Responses to Math memes

  1. Lucas says:

    About the pi troll math… My professor was introducing us to similar problems to start the second part of calculus (theory) on a good note, such as playing with semicircles within the unit circle (I’m being purposefully vague with hopes of you knowing this because I just realized that I don’t quite understand it as much as I thought).

    P.S. Thanks for all the music links! I’ve found some really neat stuff. For example, I am enjoying powernoize, specifically Imminent Starvation and Converter.

  2. Travis says:

    @Lucas — You’re welcome, although I should point out that I stole most of that list from (the now defunct) Club Luminal in California, and I’ve been really meaning to update it.

  3. Ben says:

    The thing with pi and the circle, that is a bunk proof! Taking away the corners infinitely converges to a DIAMOND not a circle!

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